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The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W unit vape mod in Dundee is an 80W gadget, more appropriate for Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping and joining a 3000mAh inward battery. It has a semi-rough look and belief and its developed out of zinc combination and cowhide.


The case is re-usable and acknowledges PnP curls with slider-controlled twin wind current openings on the actual mod. 

Argus Pro 80W vape mod in Dundee: 

The E-fluid limit, in this case, is 4.5ml (standard) or 2ml (EU rendition). A truly exquisite touch, the unit isn’t smoked in shading, its practically clear so you can noticeably see the degree of e-fluid you have left in the case. 

Each of the settings is shown on a truly clear and fresh 0.96 inches hued OLED show and constrained by the GENE.TT chipset. 

My underlying idea when I initially saw the Argus Pro 80W case mod was it helped me to remember the Ageis Boost. The hued zinc composite edge going through the ruggedized body is suggestive of that plan. Despite the fact that it looks ruggedized, I dont think its IP evaluated as its not referenced in the spec of the plan. 

The Argus Pro 80W unit mod is the greater sibling of the Argus case in that its power is expanded from 40W-80W. The chipset is somewhat unique and the presentation is greater. Likewise, the charging circuit has expanded from 1A to 2A. 

I might want to thank the folks at NewVaping for sending me the Voopoo Argus 80W Pro Pod Mod with the end goal of this audit. As consistently this audit is totally fair-minded and is my legitimate assessment on the Voopoo Argus 80W Pro vape mod in Dundee Kit. This post may likewise contain subsidiary connections which procure us a little commission at no additional expense for you. 

Its likewise worth focusing on that while the variant I got from Newvaping comes provided with a DTL unit and loops, Voopoo additionally have a MTL case and curls choice for the Argus Pro case mod. Theres additionally an RBA curl accessible for those wishing to fabricate their own loops. 

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Review 


Elements and Specifications 

Whats in the Box? 

The Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Design and Appearance 

Argus Pro 80W Pod Performance 

Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Battery Performance 

How would I fill the Argus Pro 80W Pod 

How would I charge the Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod 

Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Price 

Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Verdict 

Highlights and Specifications 

Aspects: 124mm (118mm EU) x 35mm x 31mm 

Weight: 170 grams including e-fluid 

Development: Zinc Alloy + Leather 

Case Material: PCTG 

Charging: Type C USB 5V 2A 

Yield Wattage: 5 80W 

E-fluid Capacity: 4.5ml/2ml (EU) Pod 

Cases: Refillable, Replaceable PnP Coil 

Opposition Range: 0.1ohm 3.0ohm 

Battery Specification: Internal 3000mAh 

Yield Voltage: 3.2V 4.2V 

Show: 0.96inch OLED Color Screen 

Wind current: Dual Slot (Adjustable) 

Chipset: GENE.TT 

Whats In The Box? 

Argus Pro 80W Whats In The Box 

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod 

Argus PnP Pod (4.5ml/2ml) 

PnP VM6 Mesh Coil (0.15ohm) 

PnP VM1 Mesh Coil (0.3ohm) 

Type-C USB Cable 

Client Manual 

Hard Storage/Carry Case 

Voopoo Argus Pro 80W Pod Mod Design and Appearance 

The Voopoo Argus Pro 80W case mod is semi ruggedized and is built out of zinc compound and cowhide. The shape is rounded with one level side where the controls and show are housed. 

Its equipped for conveying up to 80W of force from its 3000mAh inner battery. Charging is done through the Type-C USB port determined as 5V/2A. 

Super quick terminating paces of 0.001 seconds are accomplished by the GENE-TT chip set, which likewise guarantee the huge number of wellbeing highlights are kept up with, for example, 

Additional time Protection 

Yield Over Current Protection 

Low Battery Protection 

Max Power Protection 

Over Temperature Protection 

Cheat Protection 

Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection 

These controls incorporate a 0.96inch OLED shading show, a rectangular terminating button, and a bigger square +/rocker button. 

The Type-C USB charging port is situated behind a rubber-treated fold, situated just beneath the +/ – rocker button. 

Argus Pro 80W USB Port View 

Two movable wind stream openings are situated on each side of the mod just underneath where the case sits. Changing the variable wind stream is done by the slider button control, basically sliding to the left or right. 

At the highest point of the Argus Pro 80W case mod, Voopoo has incorporated a metal circle for a cord to be appended (excluded from the unit). I’m not certain Id need this case mod staying nearby my neck however good to have the choice. The metal circle can be somewhat baffling now and again as it will in a general shake. 

On the highest point of the Argus star, 80W case mod is a recessed round metal plate, fixed marginally over 3 loop spring stacked associating pins. The actual case has three in number magnets in the base around the edge of the PnP curl. When embedded into the mod, the magnets append to the metal plate and the loop presses against the 3 associating pins. 

There are 5 tones accessible in the Argus Pro 80W unit mod reach: 

Carbon fiber and dark 

Vintage dim and dark/silver 

Denim and dark/silver 

Litchi calfskin and dark/red 

Litchi calfskin and dark/blue 

One side of the mod has the words Voopoo and the opposite side has the logo Gene and the words Gene chip inside. On the calfskin trim are the words Argus in a similar shading as the amalgam outline. 

At the foundation of the Argus Pro 80W case mod is a knurled round area that looks like a battery cap. Subsequent to playing and attempting to check whether it unscrews, no euphoria! Its simply improving.

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