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Sour Shockers, Apple Sour e-liquid is a fruity and strong sharp green apple flavor with an impact of sour! Phil’s vape to Escape vape flavors are easily available at your nearest vape shop in Dundee. This is safe, easy, and quick to use. It is made with modern technology to enhance the right amount of flavors. You will come back asking for more after trying Sour Shockers. Our customers highly recommended this flavour and that is the reason it remains the top choice of all seasons. Here are a few of our top-selling flavours including Apple Raspberry Sour, Apple Sour, Blue Raspberry Sour, Peach Pineapple Sour, and Sour Cherries. Try one for yourself and thank us later.


Sour Shockers – Phils Vape to Escape 

Phils Vape to Escape gives another sour treat range. Sour Shockers is available in different sharp sweets flavors in a vape shop in Dundee. A variety of liquids carries some punch flavour. These fruity sharp e-liquids give you a feel that like no other liquid can. 

It has a space for two 10ml 18mg nicotine shots. This makes a total of 120 ml and 3mg strength e-liquid. You can also pick two 18mg nicotine shots of salt for a smoother nicotine hit. Sour Shockers is mainly famous for delivering a smooth throat hit and exotic flavor. These flavors come in a range of various mixes. Professional vape flavor manufacturers are making all flavors under strict observation. 

Phils Vape to Escape – Top Choices 

Use all vape devices according to instructions. Vape fans will come back for more vape juice as each one has layers of delicious flavor. This e-liquid is 70VG/30PG that makes it ideal for sub-ohm vaping. The flavorful taste of new raspberry and tart apple candy is  Shockers Apple Raspberry Sour e-liquid.

They give the right amount of punch to your throat every time, choose Apple Raspberry. It is another unique flavor with a blend of raspberry and blended apples. If you like things sour and your favorite fruit is cherry. It will be your loss if you have not tried the Sour Cherry flavor yet. New e-liquid flavour Straw-melon Sour e-liquid is famous for making the ideal balance of strawberry and melon flavors! 

Other flavors include Sour, Apple Sour, Blue Raspberry Sour, Peach Pineapple Sour, Sour Cherries by Sugar Rush, Tangerine, and Straw-melon Sour. Accessible in 0mg 100ml short-fills. 

Phil’s Vape to escape has a variety of flavours range for you to explore more whether its menthol, sour, fruity punch or many more. Visit Vape shop in Dundee.

Note: This product contains no nicotine.

Sour Shocker Flavour

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