SMOK RPM Replacement Coils

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The SMOK RPM Replacement Coils are a flock of coils crafted for the SMOK Pod System. It is introducing a brand new Mesh Coil, threaded coil installation, and compatibility with the substantial SMOK Nord Coil Series.


Please Note: The SMOK RPM Replacement Coils & Nord Pods are well suited with RPM or Nord Coils, RESPECTIVELY.

Note: SMOK RPM Coils are well suited with the SMOK Fetch Mini 40W Pod System besides being specially designed for Squad Kit.

SMOK RPM Replacement Coil – 5 Coils

You can find various kinds of vape coils in Dundee. The SMOK RPM Replacement Coil comes with 0.3ohm to 1.2 meshed coils for optimal flavor and best taste. SMOK RPM Replacement Coil is the kind of coil that is easy to replace. SMOK RPM Replacement Coil each pack contains 5 coils.


The normal ohm value for vaping and your clearomizer is in the range of 2.4 and 2.8. Replacement coils common ohm range is 2.5 for vaping. SMOK RPM Replacement vape coils Dundee resistance is 0.3ohm to 1.2. 

You need to change SMOK RPM Replacement Coil once a week or rarely, once a month, depending on how much you vape. As you use your vaporizer more often, you will need to change the coil more often.


Higher resistance coils are a battery drainer, as compared to a cooler vaporizer, and less vapor. This is only a matter of preference. If you prefer a long-lasting vaporizer, you’re probably better with higher resistance vape coils in Dundee.  SMOK RPM Replacement Coil is the most widely used spool material, furthermore, natural taste for taste-loving vapers.


  • SMOK RPM & Nord Coil Series
  • 0.4ohm RPM Mesh Coil – rated at 25W
  • 0.6ohm RPM Triple Coil – rated at 25W 
  • 1.0ohm RPM SC Coil – rated at 14W
  • 1.2ohm RPM Quartz Coil – rated at 12W
  • 0.6ohm RPM RBA –
  • RPM & Nord Pod Options
  • Compatible with RPM or Nord Coils, respectively.
  • Compatible with SMOK Fetch Mini 40W Pod System
  • Comes in a % of five (5).


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