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Find the Innokin Sceptyr ModSystem, highlighting a 1400mAh battery, wise coil distinguishing proof, and can utilize limited DL or MTL vaping coils. If you are looking for the best vape pods in Dundee then look no more. Your answer is right here. 


Find the Innokin Sceptyr Pod System, highlighting a 1400mAh battery, wise coil distinguishing proof, and can utilize limited DL or MTL vaping loops. Highlighting a clever Boost mode to increase fume conveyance and hotness, the Innokin Sceptyr can convey huge billows of fume with the 0.5ohm limited direct lung coil or change to the 1.2ohm MTL Coil for strongly enhanced fume. Including a 1400mAh battery-powered battery, the Innokin Sceptyr Pod System can convey a lot of fume for the duration of the day. Using a refillable case, the Sceptyr Pod System can change loops by eliminating the lower part of the charged unit. You will not regret choosing Phil’s Vape to escape to buy the best vape pods in Dundee. 


Measurements – 106.8mm by 29mm by 18mm 

Incorporated 1400mAh Rechargeable Battery 

Typical Mode 

Lift Mode 

Keen Coil Identification 

Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction 

Single Firing Button 

Driven Battery Life Indicator Light 

Refillable Pod Capacity 

Innokin Coil Series 

0.5ohm RDL Coil 

1.2ohm MTL Coil 

Base Coil Installation 

Attractive Pod Connection 

Innokin Full Protections 

Accessible in Black, Blue, White, Gray, and Pink

Kindly have an extraordinary arrangement and specialized information on the best way to utilize this item appropriately utilize it. 

We enthusiastically suggest utilizing an outer battery charger for 18650 battery mods, as it assists with adjusted charging and drags out the existence of the battery and mod, for example, from the destroyed micro USB port. Never use damaged or improperly packaged batteries with this gadget. We suggest each of the 18650/20700/21700 battery mods utilize coordinating with batteries with the comparative brand, model, and battery state consistently. 

To utilize temperature control include, it requires utilization of nickel, titanium, or treated steel coils.


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