HorizonTech Falcon 2 Coil

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Horizon Falcon 2 coil is designed for the horizon Falcon 2 tanks. It is the arena mesh coils with wooden pulp cotton. Burnt out the coil, no problem. Phil’s Vape to Escape saves the day with their Falcon II Replacement Coils. Easy to apply easy unscrew the coil and area for your Horizon Falcon II Tank.


Vape Coils in Dundee

The coils have a 0.14ohm coil resistance, best for MTL fans, and bring dense milky clouds. Each coil has crafted the usage of pinnacle fine material along with wood pulp and cotton.

Packing List:

1 x 3pcs Horizon Falcon 2 Mesh Coil

Simple Packing


Brand: Horizon


Quantity: 3pcs/pack

Fit For: Horizon Falcon 2 Sub Ohm Tank

Resistance: Bamboo Fiber 0.14ohm

How does it work?

The Horizon Falcon 2 Coils, the brand new fan-formed coil, with the brand new fan-woven mesh heating cord can maximize the airflow. Then mixed with the bottom to up coil heating. It will warm the e-juice fastly and evenly, forcing the smoke to compress upwards, forming the vapour compression route. It makes the taste denser and clouds extra smooth. The arena mesh cord is protected with wood pulp and cotton for an extended lifespan.


With Fan-Woven Mesh Heating Wire

Material: Wood Pulp+ Cotton

Resistance: 0.14ohm

Working Wattage: 60-80W, Best: 70-75W

Unit: 3PCS Per Pack

Fit For: Horizon Falcon 2 Tank

Compatible with: Excessive VG e-liquids

Advantage of a mesh coil

The advantage of a mesh coil build, like that which the Sector coils use, is they can warm extra e-liquid at a quicker rate – because of their large surface area. This growth withinside the surface area equals a boost in flavour out of your e-liquids. The fan-woven form of this coil accentuates vapour flow, which means you’ll additionally enjoy improved vapour production. 

The Falcon II Sector coils are a 0.14 Ohm resistance, they may work as much as 75W. To enjoy the authentic capacity of those coils, you’ll want a tool that could supply a 75W output or higher.  


This product consists of nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from shopping for e-cigarette.

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