GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coils

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GeekVape MeshMellow Coils are the Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank are the greatest coils to be had for this tank series. These MeshMellow alternative coils are available in a 3-%. Their characteristic imported Egyptian Organic Cotton wicking materials, and are built of Kanthal.


The GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement coils characteristic stepped forward taste, vapor, and coil longevity. The 0.2 ohm X1 Single Mesh Coil is rated for 60W to 110W. Equip your GeekVape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank with effective and flavorful vape coils, and buy your 3-% of alternative vape atomizers nowadays at Phil’s Vape to Escape!

There are various kinds of vape coils available in the Vape shop in Dundee. Phils Vape to Escape is a top brand providing the best kinds of vape coils in Dundee like GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coil.

Vape coils in Dundee are specially designed for Squad Kit. You can easily replace GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coil.


GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coil each pack contains 3 coils.

There are three main components in a vape kit that you can use to vaporize. Their tank holds the liquid, a battery that provides power, and an atomizer. 

Vaporizer Tank

You can find GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coil in your vaporizer tank. It is generally made of a piece of coiled wire. The wick picks up the liquid in the tank. 


Most of the ohm value for vaping and your clearomizer is in the range of 2.4 and 2.8. Vape coils in Dundee are famous for those who are looking for the most common ohm range to replace coils. 2.3 is the most effective level for your vape.

Replacement of Coil 

Depending on how much you use your vape. You need to change your GeekVape MeshMellow Replacement Coil maybe once a week or a month.


Carefully take the coil out of the hot water and submerge it in the cold water. This means that all remains fall off and your coil gets clean again. Cotton should replace; the bobbins are up to you and need to clean with heat and water or alcohol. Do not use a wet bobbin. 


  • 0.2-ohm resistance Kanthal Single Mesh Coil
  • Wattage: 60W – 110W – (Best 75-95W)
  • GeekVape MeshMellow X2 KA1 Coils
  • 0.4-ohm resistance Kanthal Double Mesh Coil
  • Wattage: 50W – 80W – (Best 60-70W)
  • GeekVape MeshMellow SS316L Coils
  • 0.5-ohm resistance SS316 Single Mesh Coil
  • Wattage: 60- 110W – (Best 75-95W)
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