Aniseed Balls by Old Skool Party 50ML E Liquid Juice

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Think of the old gobstopper aniseed sweets you used to buy, that’s the flavour. Vaping aniseed e liquid is a full mouth experience with precise aniseed flavour on both the inhale and exhale

  • We recommend that you wear protective gloves when mixing nicotine into your short fill bottle and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Remove the childproof cap from the large short fill bottle.
  • Remove the nib.
  • Remove the childproof cap from the small nicotine shot bottle.
  • Insert the nib of the small nicotine shot bottle into the large short fill bottle and gently squeeze the shot bottle until all the nicotine liquid is transferred to the short fill bottle.
  • Carefully replace the nib and the childproof cap securely onto the short fill bottle and then shake the bottle well to thoroughly mix the liquids together.
  • Dispose of your empty nicotine shot bottle carefully.
  • Enjoy vaping your new e-liquid!


Old Flavour

Fizzy Cola, Friut Sweet, Fruit Chews, Fruit Pastilles, Green Apple, Ice Mint, Menthol, Mixed, Pink, Red, Strawberry Bubblegum, Strawberry Chews, Strawberry Lemonade, Summer Fruit, Very Berry, Vibena, Vimto

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